Question: What Became Of Someone Meaning?

What became of meaning?

whatever will become ofwhat became of …


whatever will become of …


used to ask what has happened to someone or something, especially when you have not seen them for a long time, or what will happen to someone that you are worried about What became of those Chinese vases that Mum used to have?.

What has become of you meaning?

phrase. If you wonder what has become of someone or something, you wonder where they are and what has happened to them.

What does it mean to become something?

THESAURUSbecome to start to have a feeling or quality, or to start to develop into somethingHis parents became worried when he was late home from school. Violent crime is becoming a major problem. She became more confident when she joined a drama group.

What does it mean to be after someone’s heart?

—used to say that someone has likes and dislikes similar to one’s ownWhen you brought chocolates I knew you were a woman after my own heart.

Has become or became?

If you are talking about something that happened inthe past you say “ it became” (past simple tense). If you are talking about something that has just happened, or has been completed you use the past participle along with the verb (has) you say (it has become). This form is (present perfect tense).

How do you use the word become in a sentence?

Become sentence examplesIt’s the only way for him to become a vamp. … Read in order to become wise. … They will become part of the solution. … He would soon become a captain and then perhaps a great admiral. … They also become more interested in the food they eat. … Oh, and the tropical storm will become a hurricane late Saturday night.More items…

Who was the man after God’s heart?

DavidDavid, Israel’s greatest king, is one of the most amazing men who ever lived. He is known as being a man after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14; Acts 13:22) yet his life is filled with similar ups and downs as those faced by most men today.

What is the phrasal verb of become?

A-H Phrasal Verb ListPhrasal VerbMeaningfall apartbecome reducedfart aroundwaste time doing pointless thingsfill inprovide details about somethingget back atget revenge on someone14 more rows

What would become of him?

used to ask what will happen or what has happened to somebody/something: What became of that student who used to live with you? ♢ I hate to think what will become of them if they lose their home.

What tense is has become?

present perfect tense“It has become” is in the present perfect tense. Present perfect tense usually refers to actions begun in the past and continuing until the present, or just finished.

Why was David called a man after God’s heart?

So, how can we honestly say David was a man after God’s own heart? Because he was hungry for God, he sought after God, he had a passion for spiritual things, and he tried to please God despite his failures. His actions proved he was a God chaser: … By doing so, he made his capitol God’s headquarters on earth.

What did God mean when He said David was a man after His own heart?

David may justly be termed a man after God’s heart because (unlike Saul) his greatest desire came to be the doing of God’s will. It was from his line that Messiah came. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” What does King David mean about this?