Question: What Does SOT Mean In Retail?

What does Sot stand for?

sound on tapeSOT is an acronym for the phrase sound on tape..

What does dead net mean?

It is net cost less any bill-back amounts for an item/location. Supplier Dead Net Cost. Primary supplier’s net net cost, less any rebate amounts for an item/location.

What is RGM in retail?

How to Calculate Gross Margin. The retail margin equals the difference between the price that you pay for an item and the price at which you sell the the item to customers. … You can also calculate your retail margin across all of your sales by subtracting your total costs of goods sold from your total sales revenues.

What does RP mean in retail?

Retail PriceRP stands for Retail Price.

What does ads stand for in retail?

Average Dollar SaleAverage Dollar Sale (ADS) is a retail metric term used to calculate the correlation between sales and transactions for a given period of time. Simply put, it’s gross sales divided by paying customers over an hour, day, week, etc.

What does EOH stand for in retail?

ending on handEOH. Stands for ending on hand.

What is sot therapy?

Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique (SOT) is a treatment for cancer or infections with viruses or Lyme bacteria. Essentially SOT is the creation of a shutoff “key” that precisely fits a chosen “lock” portion of a cancer cell or pathogen.

What is sot battery?

You might have heard Android users talking about Screen on Time or SOT, or you may already be familiar with the term. SOT or Screen on Time is the number of hours the screen was on. One can get this information from settings -> battery / power.

What is an RP in police code?

Police abbreviation RP means Reporting party.

Why is it called retail?

The word retail comes from the Old French verb tailler, meaning “to cut off, clip, pare, divide in terms of tailoring” (c. 1365). It was first recorded as a noun in 1433 with the meaning of “a sale in small quantities” from the Middle French verb retailler meaning “a piece cut off, shred, scrap, paring”.