Question: Why Is Gmail Saying My Signature Is Too Long?

How can I put my signature on an Gmail?

Add or change a signatureOpen the Gmail app .In the top left, tap Menu .Scroll to the bottom, then tap Settings.Choose the Google Account where you want to add a signature.Tap Mobile Signature.Enter the text for your signature.Tap OK..

How do I add an HTML signature to Gmail?

How to Use a Custom HTML Email Signature in GmailOpen your browser, then open the HTML email signature file:Go to Settings (the little gear in the upper right) and Select Settings:Go Back to the HTML file and drag your cursor to select the entire signature:Drag and drop it into the Signature box:Scroll down to save your changes:More items…

How do I turn off signature in Gmail?

Go to the Gmail Settings page and open the General tab. In the Signature option, you can see a new check-box available just below the signature box with text as ‘Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the “–” line that precedes it’.

Why is Gmail telling me my signature is too long?

“The signature is too long. Please try a shorter signature.” This happens when your email signature has over 10,000 characters in the HTML code. … So, even though the visible text in your email signature may not add up to 10,000 characters, when you include the HTML code, it will likely be over.

How long can a Google signature be?

10,000 charactersGmail has a character limit of 10,000 characters, which is a lot of characters, but if you have a really long signature, it may just be too long. Try shortening the signature and paste it in again or use our free extension that allows you to have an email signature with unlimited characters.

What is the best size for email signature?

The image size for email signature should be around 300-400 pixels in width and 70–100 pixels in height (with approximate 70 dpi). The mail signature banner should have max-width of 700 pixels, and a max-height of 100 pixels.

Why does Gmail hide my signature?

Gmail may sometimes hide your actual reply if it contains content identical to other messages in the thread. Also, if you attach a signature to your outgoing email messages, the recipients are unlikely to see your signature because Gmail will hide that portion under the ellipsis.

How do I fix my email signature?

Whether it’s a new job title (congratulations!) or a phone number change, make sure you keep your email message signature up-to-date.Click File > Options > Mail > Signatures.Click the signature you want to edit, and then make your changes in the Edit signature box.When you’re done, select Save > OK.

What is Gmail Mobile Signature?

Set up an Email Signature in Gmail Mobile An email signature allows you to automatically include a few lines of contact information (or any other information) to the bottom of every outgoing email message, allowing you to easily advertise your business or yourself.