Quick Answer: How Do You Find Old Memories On Facebook?

How do I manage Facebook memories?

How do I control what I see in Memories?Go to facebook.com/memories.Click Hide People below Settings.Click Start typing a name…

and enter the names of the people you don’t want to see memories with.Click Save..

How do I search my own posts on Facebook?

To find a specific post that you published, simply go to the filter results on the left side and under the section marked ‘Posts From’, you can select ‘You’. This will filter your search results to only show posts that you published that contain the keywords that you searched for.

Is Facebook memories going away?

Users can choose to continue to get notifications for Memories, while the occasional news feed Memory pop-up isn’t going away either. … “We know that memories are deeply personal — and they’re not all positive,” Oren Hod, Facebook product manager, wrote in a blog post.

Why won’t my memories come up on Facebook?

Please try to update Facebook App if using a mobile device or clearing your cache if using a web browser. If after that you still experiencing this issue please report it to Facebook. … Comment I have read the Facebook Help Community Policies.

How do I see past memories on Facebook?

You can also access Memories through notifications, through messages that you may see in your News Feed, and by visiting facebook.com/memories.

Can you search for a specific memory on Facebook?

To find back your Facebook memories Another way to find back memories is through your Personal Activity Log.You’ll find it on your profile cover image. To view the original post, click on the Post Date that appears when hovering search results.

What happened to Facebook Memories app?

The app’s services will be discontinued on Feb. 25. … “We know the photos people share are important to them so we will continue offering ways to save memories within the Facebook app.” Facebook said it wants to let people retrieve their photos from the app before it’s killed.

How do I find old Facebook posts on my Iphone?

Hi Sandi, To view older posts on your Timeline, scroll down on your Timeline, then click “Recent” at the top and select the year you’d like to view. From there, you can click “All Posts” at the top of your Timeline and select a specific month.

Does Facebook automatically post memories?

To turn notifications on or off: Go to facebook.com/onthisday. Click Notifications and select All Memories to turn on, or Off to turn off.

How can I search for an old post on Facebook?

To find your old posts on your Facebook profile:Go to your profile.Click “view activity log”On the left side click “your posts” or “posts by others”You can use the years on the right to navigate for older posts.

How do I go to a specific date on Facebook?

You can navigate through any other user’s Timeline the same way you navigate through your own. Unfortunately, it is not possible to navigate to a specific date using the Timeline; the closest you can get is navigating to the month. Then you must scroll until you find the date and post you seek.

Why do I see old post on Facebook?

Sometimes a post that you’ve already seen will move to the top of News Feed because many of your friends have liked or commented on it. … If you feel you’re missing posts you’d like to see, or seeing posts in your News Feed that you don’t want to see, you can adjust your settings.