Quick Answer: What Was The Impact On Native Americans?

What impact did the environment have on Native Americans?

The environment hugely affected the Native American Indians in many different ways.

This is because of the way in which the Indians used the environment and the surrounding land.

The Indians were very close to nature, and so that meant that any changes in nature would be changes in the Indians..

What was the impact of westward expansion on the Native American population?

These tribes suffered greatly as the United States government took more and more land. Nomadic tribes suffered as well. They had to leave the rivers, forests, and mountains and move to a very different topography. At first, the native tribes were given a choice of sorts.

How did the Cherokee people fight the Indian Removal Act of 1830?

The Cherokee took their case to the Supreme Court, which ruled against them. The Cherokee went to the Supreme Court again in 1831. This time they based their appeal on an 1830 Georgia law which prohibited whites from living on Indian territory after March 31, 1831, without a license from the state.

How did the Cherokee feel about the Indian Removal Act?

Most of the Cherokee, including Chief John Ross, were outraged and unwilling to move, and they reacted with opposition. They did not believe the government would take any action against them if they elected to stay. However, the U.S. army was sent in, and the forced removal stage began.

What was the impact of the Indian Removal Act?

Intrusions of land-hungry settlers, treaties with the U.S., and the Indian Removal Act (1830) resulted in the forced removal and migration of many eastern Indian nations to lands west of the Mississippi.