What Is The Exact Value Of Sin 5pi 3?

What is the exact value of sin45?


The exact value of sin(45) is √22 ..

Is the value of sin 60?

The exact value of sin(60°) sin ( 60 ° ) is √32 .

Why is tan 90 undefined?

At 90 degrees we must say that the tangent is undefined (und), because when you divide the leg opposite by the leg adjacent you cannot divide by zero. In the third quadrant the hypotenuse extended will now meet the tangent line above the x-axis and is now positive again.

How do you prove sin 90?

Sine 90 degrees valueThe opposite side – side opposite to the angle of interest.The hypotenuse side – opposite side of the right angle and it is always the longest side of a right triangle.The adjacent side – remaining side of a triangle and it forms a side of both the angle of interest and the right angle.

Are sin 45 and cos 45 the same?

Consider a triangle with angles 90, a, and b. We know by the definitions of sine and cosine that sin(a)=cos(b) and sin(b)=cos(a). So consider the special case of a=b=45. Then sin(45)=sin(a)=cos(b)=cos(45).

What is the sin of 45 in radical form?

CardsTerm sin of 60 degreesDefinition radical 3 / 2Term sin of 45 degreesDefinition radical 2 / 2Term cos of 45 degreesDefinition radical 2 / 2Term tan of 45 degreesDefinition 1Term cot of 45 degreesDefinition 141 more rows•Jun 2, 2008

What is the exact value of sin 300?

So subtract 300 from 360 and you get 60. Sin 60 = 0.866. However sin values are positive in the first and second quadrants and negative in the third and fourth quadrants. Hence sin 300 = -0.866.

How do you prove sin 45?

In a right triangle, one angle is, by definition, 90 degrees so the two acute angles sum to 180- 90= 90 degrees. To prove that sin(45 (degrees)) is 1√2 , consider that if a right triangle has one angle with measure 45 degrees then the other acute angle is 90- 45= 45 degrees also.

How do you calculate sin 60?

Value of Sin 60 DegreeSin 0° = \sqrt{0/4} = 0.Sin 30° = \sqrt{1/4} = ½Sin 45° = \sqrt{2/4} = 1/√2.Sin 60° = \sqrt{3/4} = √3/2.Sin 90° = \sqrt{4/4} = 1.

What is the sin of 60 in radians?

Sines and cosines for special common anglesDegreesRadianssine90°π/2160°π/3√3 / 245°π/4√2 / 230°π/61/21 more row

What is an exact value?

BSL Maths Glossary – Exact value – Definition Subject level: Credit. Definition. Exact value is where you cannot estimate the value you must be precise, eg; you can’t estimate something as being around about 5 centimetres; no you need an exact value such as 5.62.

How do you solve cos 75?

Answer and Explanation: The value of cos(75°) is √6−√24 6 − 2 4 . Notice that we can write 75° as 30° + 45°.

How do you solve sin 75 degrees?

sin 75°: Now using the formula for the sine of the sum of 2 angles, sin(A + B) = sin A cos B + cos A sin B, we can find the sine of (45° + 30°) to give sine of 75 degrees.